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Dublin’s Dynamic Rock Trio.

Introducing Velourias, a powerhouse trio from Dublin consisting of Phil on guitar and vocals, Rob on bass and vocals, and Nick on drums. Their music packs a punch, delivering a blend of sharp-shooting, hip-shaking rock that draws from the rich tapestry of alternative rock, post-punk, indie, and hardcore influences. In this upcoming interview with Void Magazine, delve into the sonic landscape of Velourias as they unravel their musical journey, sharing insights into their distinctive sound and the spirited energy that defines their presence in Dublin’s rock scene.

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The track really came about will i was messing around with some chords from another song i had been working on called ‘Sweet Maria’ (a song about american / greek operatic singer Maria Callas) and i just thought it sounded really cool when i changed a few things up and made it sound a little more angular but melodic. We’re always trying to find those weird chord progressions that draw a fine line between artistic yet melodic. For the big second half chorus we threw in some good old fashioned american style indie rock and ‘A Forest Of Lungs’ was born.

Thematically and lyrically the song is really about a guy me and Rob knew growing up who cut himself off from the world due to ptsd in order to heal and who subsequently ended up moving to the american wilderness, there’s some slight references to toxic masculinity and some feelings of being ‘hard done by’ going on there too. I guess we just thought it was an interesting thing to write about if a little bleak. Bleak but interesting.

Recording wise it was all self recorded in our old rehearsal space which was a dilapidated old building that’s now due to be knocked down unfortunately’

We got James Kenosha to do a mix of the track and Fergal Davis to master

Were very proud of the end result

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