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We're mixing things up a bit

Upon the creation of Void Magazine, there was one mission in mind. To feature artists, musicians, poets, performers, writers and creatives alike. During our original launch in July 2022, we received an outstanding reaction that was (to be honest) unexpected. We estimated initial interest to be modest as a new brand and idea. Yet, the creative public seems to enjoy reading and viewing the coverage of new creatives around Ireland, which is great to see and quite encouraging. 

Today, Void Magazine is proud to unveil a new website and digital media presence. Gone are the dark drab of blacks and beige. Despite the moody atmosphere that was beloved. We’re taking our colours in a different direction. We aim to reflect the positive message we’re spreading of trying to be more creative and actively seeking and acting upon creative inspiration. (You can also think of it as we’re growing out of our emo phase) 

A forward way to express ourselves

From the beginning, we aimed at delivering coverage of artists that were easy to follow, reflected their ability and were a joy to navigate through and read. In our latest website update, Our vision has finally come to fruition. Gone are the dark colours without any bounce or vibe and we welcome customisable, unique gradients on a beautifully laid page to easily read and navigate. 

Please take a moment to navigate through our changes, and directly see the before and after. We hope this change is reflected in our new features and stories that will again return to publishing now that our new place of creativity has been released. 

Thank you for supporting Void Magazine so far and we wish you all the best! 

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