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Introducing Sarah Crean

Welcome to the Void, Sarah Crean, a rising singer-songwriter, who unveils her artful and intimate earworm, ‘What Do I Know?’ This essential and cathartic release signifies a significant milestone for the Irish artist, as she builds upon her previous independent success with ‘2AM,’ which reached the pinnacle of the US Spotify viral chart in November of last year. Sarah, along with producers Adam O’Leary and Gabe Goodman (known for their work with Del Water Gap and Maggie Rogers), crafted ‘What Do I Know?’ to perfection. The song beautifully showcases Sarah’s delectable and rich voice, while also highlighting her keen observation of life’s intimate details. Mixing wizardry by Chris Coady (renowned for his work with Beach House and Blondshell) adds the final touch, making this track an irresistible gem.

The collective words from Sarah Crean for Voidmagazines All Rights Reserved ©

“‘What Do I Know?’ is a satirical take on a toxic relationship breaking down. The song was written a few years after the time in which it’s set – which means I was able to approach it from a satirical angle. I think if it had been written during the period it took place, it would have been a much darker take…”

Speaking on the video Sarah says:

“When I wrote the song, I had a really clear idea for what I wanted the video to be – and working with Neema and Ethan to bring that to life was a total joy from start to finish. They picked the ideas up and delivered the best results instantly – it was an experience I’ll never forget and I’m very grateful to have these personal stories that I’ve written be supported by such an incredible experience.”

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