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Let’s bring you up to date. 

Let’s bring y’all up to date on what’s happening in the void this upcoming year. With so much creativity happening out there we realigned the genres and categories of void whilst continuing to preach our core message of publishing grassroots creativity.

We’ve introduced three new spaces within our noise category. Flick through our carousel and check out what’s happening on the “Main Stage”, Take a moment to check out who’s featured in “The Charts” and why not read a verse or two in our “Poetry” space.

For our artistic fanatics we’ve also spent some time to realign our vision of coverage. Now you can journey through an artist’s “Exhibition” right on our website. For a more concise and short inspo injection why not see who’s “Canvas” we’ve just had featured? And for the art that doesn’t exactly fall into the traditional sense, we’ve a spot light just for you although we’ve called it “VoidLight” because of course we have. 

Thrifty has also seen some ch ch ch changes with the introduction of “Stitched” a feature and interview on designers and releases. And for when that for pic ain’t enough you can check out “VoidWalk” for some more outfit inspo.

And finally for the featured editorial and stories that we write and cover in house, you can find them all inside our “Journal” section. But when you’re in the mood for a short story or a page turner you can find your new favorite author inside our “Issue” space. 

We’ve also launched a review space where we can give our take on releases, events and more! 

That’s a fair bit of reading but it’s nice to bring us all up to date for the new year. Remember to reach out to us for any information or details on how you can appear in void. You can use our “Learn More” feature on our instagram page to break the ice and give us the lowdown on what you do! 


Thank you all for your support throughout 2022 and to all featured creatives who took part so far. Here’s to another year of publishing creativity. 🥳 #voidmagazines 

Actress- Vodkas in the Fur Original Image Captured by @daisychainsphotosThe Charts
March 17, 2023

Actress – Vodkas in the Fur

Vodkas in the Fur is a haunting song with a dreamy, ethereal quality. The song opens with a catchy looping synth melody, accompanied by a…
Kill'Em Charlie - Sunday's UnwellNoise
March 16, 2023

Kill’Em Charlie – Sunday’s Unwell

Kill 'Em Charlie, an indie rock group hailing from Tipperary, has released their second EP titled "No Ties To The Morning." This collection of five…
Micah - Heaven & HellNoise
March 15, 2023

Micah – Heaven & Hell

Micah - Heaven & Hell is where one person gives themselves completely to the other, knowing that they hold the power to either bring happiness…

Written by Robert Byrne @robvoidrob

I aim to find humanity within the stories I tell. I attempt to capture the small moments of emotion and nostalgia throughout my pieces and represent the legacy of the subject as if it were my own.

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