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Writing, acting and creating: A sit down with Siofra O’Meara

Writing, acting and creating: A sit down with Siofra O’Meara written by Robert Byrne All Rights Reserved © Void Magazine

Picture this: a new play bursts onto the scene, penned by the talented Síofra O’Meara. It’s called Blister, and let me tell you, it’s causing quite a stir. Fresh off the heels of scoring Screen Ireland funding for her debut feature film, ‘Come and Be A Winner’, Síofra’s star is on the rise. And with The Irish Times dubbing her a “one to watch,” there’s no better time to catch her work live.

Blister isn’t new to the stage; it had a smashing success at Dublin Fringe 2022, and now it’s making a triumphant return to the Project Arts Centre from March 12th to the 23rd, taking over The Cube. Clocking in at just an hour, it’s the perfect evening escape, with shows every night at 7:45 PM (except for the 17th & 18th).

So, what’s Blister all about? It’s a deep dive into modern relationships, mental health, and the stigma surrounding STIs. In a world where our love lives are increasingly shaped by the digital realm, Síofra’s play hits close to home. We’re all too aware of the pressure to maintain a flawless online image, while genuine connections feel like a rare commodity.

But don’t let the heavy topics fool you – Blister is as hilarious as it is thought-provoking. Síofra’s writing crackles with wit, and Simon’s direction keeps the pace electric. Just take a peek at the rave reviews from the DFF show; this play is a one-of-a-kind experience that demands to be seen. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it.

We’ve spoken with Siofra ahead of the play in an exclusive Void interview, which you can read below!

Question: My love for drama was spurred from a surprise Youth Theatre Course in the GSA, but where did it all begin for you?

“I was always told I was funny but was too shy to authentically show it off when I was younger unless I got to know people over time. As I got older, I really started to enjoy entertaining my friends and became more confident in myself. I would watch my grandad performing in the Carlow Little Theatre, and my entire family is very creative and musical (My Grandmother Deirdre Brennan is a fantastic poet), but I’m the first to go into this area professionally. I kind of just found myself here. I didn’t get into the Youth Theatres, etc., when I auditioned for them – but I would’ve love to! I was used to always having to do things by myself, so it’s crazy to be now surrounded by some of the best people working in the Theatre and Film industry. I’m very thankful for the people I’m surrounded by.”


Question: Is there a method to your writing? Have you a particular space you work within and is there a particular mood you have the springs your creative juices?

“I’ve told the producers from both Keeper Pictures and Deal Productions that I ideally want to go into a cave or secluded island to write – I think most writers want that though. I can do it very easily on my parents’ kitchen counter – where I still live. But myself and my partner, who is a sound designer (Qwasi), went to Mayo to get work done in 2022 (Before Blisters Debut at Dublin Fringe 2022) when I was writing Blisters’ 100th draft of something, and being out in that wild west air did something to my creative juices. It was certainly the most focused I had been. I’ll either sit for 72 hours straight and write or I’ll feel disheartened and stuck and not look at it for weeks. I am also that annoying person who writes in their phone notes and has little ideas constantly. My friends and family have often come to see my work and heard very familiar conversations being played back to them.”

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