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Ylroy: Unveiling the Emotive Depths of “Stephen’s Day” in Collaboration with Director Niamh Barry

Enter the evocative realm of Ylroy’s “Stephen’s Day,” a haunting exploration of the winter’s icy embrace, both in the literal chill and the emotional longing for warmth. This song delves into the solace found in temporary respites, however fleeting, amidst the cold harshness of the season.

“Stephen’s Day” finds its roots in a poignant moment—an expression of emotions emerging a day after a transformative first date that became the inspiration for the EP. Ylroy’s creative process reveals a spontaneous fusion of lyrical outpouring and melodic improvisation, sculpting an atmosphere characterized by sustained piano, repetitive guitars, and wind chimes, mirroring the starkness of winter light and evoking a Christmas-like nostalgia.

Winter’s unforgiving grip in Ireland—where daylight vanishes with biting winds and relentless rains—shapes the quest for fleeting happiness. Ylroy candidly reflects on pursuing solace in a date, despite evident caution signs, seeking warmth amidst the year’s coldest nights.

The music video, directed by Niamh Barry, stands as a testament to the song’s immersive narrative. Barry’s vision resonated deeply with the visual essence embedded within Ylroy’s EP, prompting an enthralling collaboration that enriched the project. Embracing a queer narrative, the video serves as a poignant visual representation, interweaving creativity and storytelling to encapsulate the song’s emotional landscape.

Ylroy, surrounded by a circle of creative and supportive friends, ventured into this visual journey with minimal resources yet profound creativity. Their collective effort birthed a music video that authentically mirrors the song’s setting and emotional resonance, a testament to the power of collaboration and creative synergy

The words of Ylroy and Niamh Barry for Voidmagazines All Rights Reserved © Void Magazines

‘Stephen’s Day’ explores the literal and emotional coldness of winter and how temporary solace, regardless of where it comes from, provides us with a much needed warmth.

I wrote Stephen’s Day a day after my first date with the person I wrote the songs about in the EP. Usually, when I am overwhelmed with emotions, the songs write itself through the words first and melodic improvisation that I record on my phone which I listen to after to get the ones that I like the most. When we were recording the EP during this summer, the musical ideas and the overall atmosphere blossomed within one recording session in the studio- the result was the sustained piano and repetitive guitars which mimic the emptiness of light during winter and the wind chimes providing an almost Christmas-like nostalgia.

Winter time in Ireland shows no mercy to anybody, the sunlight appears for roughly 5 hours in the day and disappears with the cold winds and bullet rains that actively
try to target you. This combination of things influences people, well me anyways, to find temporary happiness. In this instance, going on a date with someone I barely know and
actively ignoring the red flags that visibly present themselves just to have a little bit of a dance during one of the coldest nights of the year.

Speaking about the music video:

Director Niamh Barry says:

“I wanted to expand my work further into creating music videos and when I listened to Ylroy’s EP- the songs in it were so visual that I really wanted to work with them to make a video. Collobarating with artists in different disciplines is so exciting because bouncing ideas off of each other allow the concepts to become richer. Also, the fact that this song is about a queer narrative made working on this music video more special”

Ylroy says:

“I have always wanted to make something visual for my music and I am very lucky to be surrounded by such creative and generous friends who are willing to work with me. With virtually no budget, we were able to create a music video that is representative of the particular setting and emotions of the song and I am so excited to share it with everyone.’

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